Shapewear? Why you should care

Ok, it’s no secret by now that I love helping people look good from the back. But a big part of looking your best happens before putting any clothes on. I’m talking about shapewear.

I personally would never consider getting butt implants or injections, nor would I wear padding to enhance what I already have. I am an advocate of working with what you’ve got, and if you don’t like what you’ve got, change it through diet, exercise or other natural methods.

I briefly touched on bras in my previous post Looking good from the back , but I wanted to elaborate further and open you up to shapewear that helps smooth the back and enhance curves. The links to the websites selling the shapewear can be found right under the pictures.


Waist Training

Cincher Vest 

When most people hear the term “waist training” they think about flattening the stomach and cinching the waist. But the right cincher vest can also smooth out any love handles on your back which helps your hips and butt become more pronounced if it fits right. Investing in a quality cincher vest will make all the difference – but don’t overdo it or you may end up with more problems then solutions.


Underbust Shaper

This shapewear is perfect for a fitted dress that is about knee length or lower – you don’t want to wear a higher hem line with this undergarment – I will cover that shortly . It covers all the problem areas perfectly including chubby thighs and you won’t have to worry about anything riding up or bunching underneath your dress.


Highwaisted Butt Lift Shaper

I metioned before that I am completely against any butt padding, so this would be one solution if you want an instant butt lift without shifty padding or surgical procedures. This shapewear has two strategically placed cut outs – kind of like chaps – to support your cheeks and help them stand out. Just be sure to find a size that gives you the right support and try not to wear any material that is too thin over it or you will have attention for all the wrong reasons.


High Waist Butt Lifter

Much like the Highwaisted Butt Lift Shaper, the High Waist Butt Lifter helps to lift your butt instantly but also goes up most of the back tightening your mid-section and helping your butt stand out even more. The only problem would be keeping the upper half in place. So if you are a woman looking to enhance her butt only, this may be the right shapewear for you. If you have other problem areas around your mid-section, you may want to skip this one all together.


One piece shaper

One Piece Shaper

For those ladies who love wearing short dresses, this would be the shapewear for you. As you can see, there is tummy control in the front, and smoothing in the back, but the butt area is sheer and therefore not flattened. I love this piece because it is made for women who want to flattened everything except for the areas that don’t need it.


Ladies, please keep in mind that what you wear under there does matter and not all underwear is created equal. Shapewear can work wonders by smoothing over problem areas and creating or accentuating curves but only if it fits rights and addresses the needs specific to your body type.

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