What this blog is about – my views from the back

It will be 3 months since I’ve been blogging about my views and it’s been a very interesting journey. My blog started out as an appreciation for women with curves, and focused on helping women look good from the back.

After writing a few posts, it dawned on me that I had much more to say. I found my writing voice.

I was always passionate about helping women appreciate who they are and how they looked, but it felt too narrow. I wanted my blog to reflect the real me.

Before anything else, I realize that I am a minority in 3 ways; I’m a black woman, I am a fat woman, and I am an English speaking minority in a mostly French speaking city. Being a minority has always meant that I have been either ignored, ridiculed, or silenced by being pushed to the back. But not anymore.

So welcome to my new, or maybe not new perspective. It’s a story that has been in the making my whole life.