Lost causes make the best success stories

Today is Good Friday, and although I am not a deeply religious person, I’d like to think I am spiritual. This week, I found myself thinking about lost causes and what it takes for someone to turn them around. After all, who doesn’t like a good come back story?

Unfortunately, changing the world is easier said than done, it takes strength to stay the course when things are stagnant. Days can turn into months, months into years with little or no progress to show for it. It’s during these times inspiration can dwindle, creativity can fade, and what once seemed conquerable suddenly becomes one of many lost causes cast aside.

No matter if the obstacle is big or small, I’d like to offer some words of reassurance for those of you willing to take on the impossible.

Support System

Seeking out support from those closest to you; friends or family, or even complete strangers can boost your spirits when you need it most. Join a community online for encouragement, talk it over with those you love, maybe even take a kickboxing class to let out all that frustration. Do what is most conducive to your personality and lifestyle, without hurting others of course. Toughing it out alone is unnecessary, and the surest way to crack under pressure.

Others have done it

Take comfort in the fact that others have accomplished what was once impossible, and some are trekking the same path you are on this very moment. For example, if racist ideology wasn’t challenged by women like Mary Ann Shadd, and Rosemary Brown, countless black woman including myself would probably be uneducated, and may not have had the option to vote for a black person. Keep site of the good that could come from your perseverance.

Work hard but don’t forget to reflect

Anything worth fighting for doesn’t happen overnight. You have to be willing to work, maybe even role up your sleeves and get a bit dirty. But be careful, it’s easy to get suckered into thinking putting in work MUST mean you are getting closer to your goal. Goals are not achieved by hard work alone, a plan is needed, and taking some time to reflect periodically is important to ensure you’re still on track. Otherwise all that hard work is time wasted.

Don’t be afraid to adjust

After reflecting, sometimes your plan of action could use some fine tuning. Don’t see this a loss, it simply means you’re one step closer to finding what does work. It’s unrealistic to think you won’t run into some snags along the way. Be open to them, tackle them head on so you could move on to what’s important.

During this long weekend, I will be thinking about those who took on lost causes and carefully deciphered them so I and others could benefit. From freedom fighters to scientists who pushed boundaries, their altruistic actions meant greater choices and less worries for countless of people they have never met. I’ll also think about those who are in the midst of battling a lost cause, dedicated to turning that nagging problem into a solution. The least I can do is show my solidarity through my words. Thank you.

44 thoughts on “Lost causes make the best success stories

  1. You have some really great points in your article! I wholeheartedly believe that hard work, dedication, grit and leaning on your closest ones for support when needed will ultimately lead to success.

  2. This is such an encouraging message! It is going to help a lot of people feeling discouraged right now.

  3. My favorite part of the post : “Anything worth fighting for doesn’t happen overnight”
    Thanks for reminding me as I need to remind myself often

    1. You’re welcome Jenn, it’s easy to lose sight when we are busy living life. We all need reminding from time to time.

  4. I love this. I think I fall under the “Others have done it” category a lot. I sometimes feel overwhelmed or sorry for myself, then begin to kick my own butt because there are so many people before me who have had much bigger struggles. That usually helps me get in gear.

    1. Absolutely Amber, I have to remind myself of this too. Nothing wrong with asking for help, no one can do everything on their own.

  5. Thanks for writing this. You raise some really great points. I think the part about finding a support system is especially crucial. When we surround ourselves with good supportive people we can be uplifted to move beyond our current circumstances.

  6. I love how empowering this post is! Sometimes you just need a reminder that things will get better, that you just need to keep pushing through, and that if those who went before could do it, so can you. Today, I needed that, so thank you.

    1. Awww…glad I could help Brandi, we all need a little pick me up once in a while. Thanks!

  7. What a great line you have here “taking some time to reflect periodically is important to ensure you’re still on track. Otherwise all that hard work is time wasted” this is so true. I fell a lot of people can get stuck in the rut of life and work but never really take a breath to see where they are going. Enjoying what you have and taking the time to make adjustments along the way of life can make for a more pleasant ride.


  8. I don’t think there are lost causes, we can’t lose hope on something that’s the same as giving up. These are very nice tips on how to turn something into a success.

  9. Impossible is nothing, at least that’s what I heard. But I agree, everything’s worth a shot especially if it’s within your reach. There are just things that needs a little more push than others and if that the case these are what you’re going to need. It’s nice to have a support system.

  10. I loved this post. Very encouraging. I also liked the part reminding us that anything worth fighting for doesn’t happen overnight. So true. I could do with remembering this.

    1. Thanks Nay, some things require more time and dedication but it’s worth it in the end.

  11. We all have our limits and we need others help. Such an encouraging post. It’s true that a lot of things doesn’t happen overnight. We need to be dedicated and always reflect on a lot of things as well.

  12. This is such a great reminder. We can’t lose hope in order to be successful. I want to think that what’s lost is not lost forever, it’s something for us to take away with from that experience.

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