Look Sexy Stay Comfy – a guide to being sexy while feeling comfortable

Anyone who knows me well can testify that I love being comfortable. I would rather wear flats over heels, or an over sized T-shirt instead of a fitted dress any day. But what I love more than anything else is looking good while being comfortable doing everyday things. How can you lose?

Here are a few pieces I selected which do just that.

All these looks can be found on Zaful.com…*I have an advertising relationship with the store I link to in this post, meaning I will earn a commission if you shop through them. So feel free to shop til you drop using the links below. Enjoy!


Mesh Insert Sport Leggings

I pretty much live in leggings, they are so versatile and comfortable that every woman should have a few in her collection. The beauty of these leggings is that they are revealing but still keeps everything in place. It’s kind of like capris with a slight twist. You have that coverage without showing too much skin.



Cropped Hoodie with Mess Leggings

I hate going to the gym, I would rather work out at home where no one is gawking or talking. But with this outfit, I have to admit, I might consider going just for the attention. Not only is it cute but it has breathable mess strategically placed where you need it, so you could stay cool during your workout.



Mesh Spliced Letter Sweatshirt

If you’ve been reading up until now, some of you might thinking I have a thing for mess. Not really – I just love these styles which so happen to use mess. Sexy doesn’t always have to be tight or fitted. Sexy can be lose and unrestrained if done the right way. This kind of sweatshirt does exactly that with mess detailing around the mid-section and arms.



Sweatshirt and Pants 

Who doesn’t love a good sweatsuit to lounge around in, workout out in, or just to feel comfortable in while you run a few errands. This look takes the typically unattractive sweats and turns it into something eye catching everyone can appreciate.



Lace Up Faux Leather Leggings 

Told you I wasn’t obsessed with mess! You could dress these faux leather leggings up with some cute heels and sexy top or you can completely dress them down with flats or runners and an over sized sweater. You could be as sexy as or low key as you want without sacrificing your comfort.

Being comfy doesn’t mean you have to let yourself go. Comfort and sexiness can co-exist without compromising either or. You just have to find the style that works best for your taste and shape, but above all else, always remember to have fun doing it!

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