Going Backless…somewhat – easing into backless styles

If you’ve been having nightmares about a Donald Trump presidency – I’m sorry I can’t help you with that. However, if the mere mention of going backless makes you cringe, I may be able to help. You might be intimidated by beautifully toned women with their backs exposed and secretly wish you could do the same. Of course you can, you just need to find the right look that makes you feel confident and sexy instead of a self-conscious mess. The key is to expose just enough in the right areas. Here are some suggestions to ease you into going backless. Most of these styles can be found at aliexpress.


1. Comfortably chic

If casual dress is more your style, these two looks below are something you may want to try.

The first look has the back partially exposed at the very top which is the perfect start.

The second style does come down mid back but everything else is pretty covered up. If this look may be a bit much for you, consider adding a T-back tank top which will definitely draw attention without feeling so exposed.

Casual Dress


T-Shirt Cross


2. Professional

One of the things I love most about backless styles is the front usually looks very ordinary and unsuspecting, but once you turn around the element of surprise leaves people gawking while you walk away. I am not usually one to show a lot of skin at the workplace, but these two styles reveal just enough to entice curiosity without overdoing it.

The first top kind of looks like a reversed cropped cardigan with a latch at the top. The slight ruffles down the back adds a soft femininity without showing too much back.

The other look has this kind of peek-a-boo affect which will catch anyone’s eye. It can be adjusted at the bottom to control just how much of the lower back is exposed – a good thing for those who like to tease.


Double Wave


Cropped Drawstring


3. Night Out with the Girls

If you are further along the comfort scale but still don’t want to go completely backless, I would suggest a cross back top that is not too thin and covers you where you where you need it most.

I really like the second look because it’s not too flashy. Eyes are drawn to the upper center back – which is usually the most flattering area of the back for many women. Short hair or wearing your hair up will open up the look and invite more attention to the exposed back.

Backless Strap 


Back Cross Top 


4. Party Dress

Almost every woman has that go-to dress in her wardrobe that makes her feel desirable. If you want to incorporate a doable backless style into a sexy party dress, consider exposing a portion of the back. That way you don’t feel naked, and you definitely add a whole lot of sexy to what appears to be just another dress.

If you’re more on the adventurous side, the first style with the lower back cut out is something you should try.

If you’re still testing the waters – the second style with the upper back cut out is sure to turn heads without making you want to run for cover.


Turtle Neck Dress with Back cut out


Backless Mini



5. Playing it safe

If you really don’t feel comfortable with any of the above, these might be just the styles for you.

The first style reveals next to nothing – only a very slight flash of skin – which could be just enough to arouse the curiosity.

The second look is pretty standard, and you always have the option of wearing this over a tank top for extra coverage which could also add a little something extra to the look overall.


Asymmetrical Top with slits


Lace T


These are just a few suggestions to introduce you the realm of backless styles. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide how far you want to take it. Have fun and experiment – you just might like it.