Get glowing skin naturally – healthy foods for radiant skin

Who can resist healthy glowing skin, the kind of skin that turns heads and dares curious onlookers to sneak a feel – maybe just the cute ones. Great skin is always attractive and can easily be maintained no matter what your age or size.

Unfortunately we all have dealt with some annoying skin issues at some point in our lives – acne and bacne during our teens or beyond, stretch marks appearing while pregnant or during a growth spurt, and dry skin due to extreme heat or cold.

Applying products topically usually works to relieve these problems temporarily. But why not drastically reduce, or get rid of these issues all together if possible?

Here are five natural and very effective solutions to the most common skin problems.



How many times have we been drilled about the importance of drinking water. Our bodies are mostly made of it so consuming as much as we can to keep our skin at it’s best sounds logical. If you are sick and tired of forcing yourself to drink plain water, try infusing your water with fruits and vegetables. You could fill a pitcher up with water, cut up some cucumber, half a lemon and some mint leaves and let it stand overnight in the fridge. This will not only give the water some flavor, it also infuses it with vitamins and nutrients that also improve your skin.

Another suggestion for all of you who love fruit juices would be going 50/50 with your favorite juice and water. Instead of cutting juice out completely, start by diluting your juice with water, and before you know it you’ll crave juice less and choose water as your go to beverage.


Greek Yogurt

Regular yogurt is good but Greek yogurt is even better as the high protein content strengthens your skin’s elasticity. You could consume it regularly, or if you want to see immediate results, the anti-inflammatory properties, and antioxidants are excellent at hydrating skin if applied topically to fight acne. Just leave it on for 10 minutes and rinse off in the shower with warm water. This will remove unwanted dry skin.


Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Fish like wild salmon, nuts, seeds, and beans can all improve your skin’s elasticity by boosting collagen production – great for warding off stretch marks. It helps normalize the fats in your skin and prevents dehydration in your cells. Omega 3 fats can also calm irritated skin with its anti-inflammatory agents.


Virgin Coconut Oil

Not only can you apply coconut oil directly on your body, you could use it as a healthy fat to cook with. Much of our skin’s oils is made up of fats and consuming healthy oils which help balance the fats our skin needs to stay healthy. Make sure to get virgin coconut oil.


Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is known to be a healing and soothing product for skin because of its regenerative properties. Just break off a leaf from an aloe vera plant, scoop out the the thick gel and apply it directly to your skin. Rinse off your skin with lukewarm water after letting the gel sit for about 10 minutes. Pure aloe gel is very effective too if you cannot find an aloe vera plant.


In general, the best thing you could do for your skin is to keep your routine as simple as possible. Try to avoid harmful chemicals which always do more harm than good. Try to stay away from processed foods using unhealthy oils which will reek havoc on your skin. And limit your exposure to very hot baths or showers as much as possible.

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