Following; what both sides expect after a follow on social media

Have you ever been disappointed or annoyed with someone you follow on social media? Or have you ever been the victim of a wall stalker who always seems to know the latest news in your life? If you’ve been on social media long enough, chances are you have experienced some form of awkwardness on both ends; as a followee (being followed by others) and as a follower (following others).

Here are the 5 expectations of both the follower and followee on social media.

What the followee (person being followed) expects on social media….

1. Don’t send me good morning messages every day for 365 days a year if I don’t know you

How annoying is this! Ok, let me clarify. I like nice, polite people. You are hard to find. But if you want to talk to me, make an effort to get to know me. If you’re afraid I will not like you as a person for some reason, that’s fine. You could say hello every once in a while, just please don’t do it every single day!

2. I trust you are a real person and not fake 

Calling all catfish, those who stuff things in certain places to make it seem like you’re well endowed somewhere you are not (both men and women), and those who use things like FaceApp to change who you really are.

Stop. It. Right. Now.


3. If I say I am going to be somewhere, it’s not an invitation for you to show up unexpectedly, acting like you’ve been there for hours

It’s one thing for celebrities to post an event online asking people to come out. It is an entirely different thing if I say I will be out with friends or running errands in a GENERAL area (checking in), and bumping into a follower I barely know.

Most people like a reasonable amount of privacy when doing everyday things.

4. When I share content, I would like some genuine feedback (hopefully positive)

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and agreeing to disagree is fine. Keep it respectful, and don’t assume based on facts you don’t have. If you don’t have anything nice to say, MUM’S the word.

5. Don’t just stalk my timeline, let me know you’re there

Have any of you ever added someone who never comments, never likes, and never reaches out? They just sit there being passive and keep stalking your wall. Yeah…don’t do that.


What the follower (following someone) expects…

1. Entertain me!

If people don’t know you personally but are willing to follow you, it’s because they were drawn to something you do well. It could be your looks, or some extraordinary talent like mastering the five finger fillet. What ever you did to bait the follower, keep it up if you want the admiration to continue.

2. Acknowledge and appreciate my follow

We all like to be acknowledged, especially if the approval comes from someone we admire. It could be a personalized message, or even a general message of thanks to all followers. Small kind gestures can make all the difference in a world full of people desperate for follows and attention.

3. If I like your content, (picture, rant, video etc.) it doesn’t mean I want to bear your children

This goes out to all the men out there (some ladies too). If I like something of yours, please don’t read too much into it. You have a few moments to enjoy that little boost to your ego. After that, keep it moving and have a nice day thank you!

4. I don’t necessarily want to see every waking moment of your life documented on social media

This is kind of touchy. A person has every right to post what they please on their account.

For instance, I could post a video of me squeezing into a dress 2 sizes too small, but I’m sure most of you would want to rinse your eyes out with bleach if I did, the rest would laugh hysterically.

How much is too much? When in doubt, leave it out!

5. Good or bad, once you post, it’s out there for all to see

I understand there are plenty of trolls out there itching to tear down their next victim. But true followers would never do or say anything very nasty.

They are people just like you and deserve to be respected. Posting anything too offensive might turn your followers off causing them to leave and never come back. Once the damage is done, it cannot be undone.

So there you have it, the top 5 expectations from both sides after following or being followed on social media. Can you relate, or did I miss a few points? What are some of your worst experiences with following and being followed on social media?


28 thoughts on “Following; what both sides expect after a follow on social media

  1. Very interesting post! I haven’t though about the 2 sides after a follow on social media! will try to follow your advice! 🙂

  2. I’ve def thought a lot about what makes me unfollow someone. And I know that I think it’s a bit cool for someone to acknowledge a follow.. but it never occurred to me that I should consider acknowledging follows myself. I guess I just thought I want big enough for me saying”thanks for the follow” to be cool to someone. Something I’ll have to think about in the future!

    1. Understandable rika9…it’s all about being grateful no matter how big you are or how small your following is.

  3. Great post! It is a little scary to put things out there sometimes and get ZERO feedback – or get too much feedback in a stalker-y sort of way. I shared this article on Twitter 🙂

  4. As a Folowee I expect true followers, those who follow you because they really like your account and want to stick around. I hate when people follow you just for a follow back and then unfollow you almost inmidiatley. I won’t fall in that game. I follow people who I really like.

    As a follower I expect the folowee to be true and humble. If I take my time to write a nice post, not just generic words, please answer. It means a lot to some people and It even shows you truly care for your followers.

    I totally agree about the stalker part I mean, don’t show up at the same place I said I will be and don’t stalk my fotos just so I can notice your annoying presence Hahhaa loved this, you have a great point and it’s nice to relate.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts PrincessMiia. Genuine follows are what we all want, and are lucky to have.

  5. Great post on perspectives! It can definitely be frustrating to share things or put things out there that you know people see or click on, but then don’t further engage with. It’s so important that we support each other and show it. If you like something, like it! Also, it’s important to know when you’re oversharing.

  6. Really liked your post, make you stop and think about what some people do when they find someone on social media. Would be ready to hide after so scenarios.

  7. These kinds of things really scare me. Fortunately for me I post nothing personal on social media, except my blog which is a new thing for me. Quite frankly, I dislike social media and what people post on social media. Too much information and attention seeking behavior. Not for me! Thanks for the post!

  8. Hahaha great read! It’s funny because it’s true! I have had many people from my past follow me on facebook or instagram and never even say Hi or message to say Happy Birthday when facebook reminds them. Annoying!

  9. I love this. I love that you are calling it all out and stating the facts. This is so true, unfortunately as it may seem many of these seem weird and crossing boundaries, it does happen. Respect in virtual/digital relationships is just as important as in face to face with clients and followers.

    1. I know…it’s one of those subjects where real life is stranger than fiction. Thanks Laura!

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