Clothes; do they make or break the woman?

I’ve always been drawn to those who are quiet. They keep to themselves, go undetected, and don’t really look like much on the surface. But the quiet ones are usually those who lead the most interesting lives once you get to know them. They just don’t feel like broadcasting it. Sometimes I feel that way, not necessarily with my actions, or personality, but more with my clothes and how I choose to wear them.

In my case, I like being secretly sexy. Maybe I’ll wear sexy lingerie underneath my conservative 9 to 5 attire just to add a little excitement to my day. Others may wonder why I’m smiling, and they could speculate all they want, but only I know. I don’t expect to have a casual hookup on my way to or from work, but I sometimes fantasize that maybe I’ll bump into someone who is willing to uncover my secret.


Patience is a Virtue

I would love to meet a man who is not afraid to put in some work. Get to know me on a deeper level, ask me questions to uncover what’s really underneath my everyday exterior. It might surprise you. I kind of feel like men, especially the cute ones, don’t have the patience to do this. And maybe women have played a part in that too. Some women are not shy about showing off their feminine assets for all to see. I’m not saying all women should be Ayesha Curry, but I do believe there is some merit to more is less. It’s great if a woman is comfortable with how she looks and wants to show it off, but pick and choose when and how to do it, or nothing will be left to the imagination.


Just one look

What ever happened to women seducing a man by looking at him just the right way. Or walking by a man in a way that gets him excited without touching him or saying a word. Sure it’s easy to slip into some slinky clothes to get attention. But it takes a woman with real skill to lure a man while fully clothed, just as it takes a real man to recognize a woman’s worth without her being half naked.


Bring back what was good

I am very happy to have the privilege of living in this day and age, reaping the many benefits those before me fought hard to establish. I love being able to wear whatever I want, but I can’t help feeling like something was lost along the way. Since when does dressing sexy equal going out in barely there clothes? There are more than a few ways to keep your dignity AND get attention.

My goal is not to look down on anyone for dressing the way they like. It’s more about bringing back the art of communication, and using our words to seduce and not our bodies. I personally think having a strong mental connection with a man is just about as erotic as you can get.

Until I find that bond, I’ll be that quiet conservatively dressed lady who passes you by on the street. Maybe you’ll catch me on a day I’m smiling. Will you stop and ask me why?

22 thoughts on “Clothes; do they make or break the woman?

  1. Interesting question. I know I do feel more confident when I put an effort into my clothes, but sometimes I just want to wear whatever is comfortable. However, I do think we judge people by what they wear (whether we are consciously doing it or not)

  2. I don’t put in any effort in my dressing. Not that I dress bad, but I just don’t care how I look any more lol.
    Re. what you said about wearing less clothes to look sexy: I think being classy is sexy. I agree with you that you don’t have to bare all to seduce someone. It comes across as shallow and desperate. Just my opinion.

    1. I’ve been where you are Farwa…the main problem I have with less clothes is that no one works on anything else. It’s all about the physical.
      Thanks ?

  3. This is such a classy post. I love the points you make. Like it or not, we give off a certain impression to others based on how we dress and carry ourselves.

  4. Interesting perspective. Thanks for sharing! I believe that, with the right attitude, anyone can look amazing in ANYTHING! xoxo

  5. I think the way we dress deeeeefinitely makes or breaks us!! I feel like a totally different person if I’m feelin’ good in what I’m wearing!

  6. As a man I always appreciate it when a woman takes pride in her appearance and does so in a sophisticated way. I like it when she shows off her body and at the same time her personality. Like you said, too little is too obvious. Anyone can show skin but not everyone can show class.

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