Following; what both sides expect after a follow on social media

Have you ever been disappointed or annoyed with someone you follow on social media? Or have you ever been the victim of a wall stalker who always seems to know the latest news in your life? If you’ve been on social media long enough, chances are you have experienced some form of awkwardness on both […]

Good black men are invisible to shallow minds

Black women have been complaining for years about their inability to find good black men. There is are plenty of black men to choose from, but where are the ones who are faithful, stay and raise their children, (especially their sons), work legitimate job(s) to support their household. Some believe black males are often raised […]

Marriage is beautiful but not for me

While most women around my age wouldn’t mind watching an episode of TLC’s┬áSay Yes to the Dress, I’d rather do 2 sets of 25 burpees than subject myself to 60 minutes of dress hunting. Why is that you might ask? Surprisingly I am not a bitter person who sulks about not being married. Quite the […]