Look Sexy Stay Comfy – a guide to being sexy while feeling comfortable

Anyone who knows me well can testify that I love being comfortable. I would rather wear flats over heels, or an over sized T-shirt instead of a fitted dress any day. But what I love more than anything else is looking good while being comfortable doing everyday things. How can you lose? Here are a […]

Get glowing skin naturally – healthy foods for radiant skin

Who can resist healthy glowing skin, the kind of skin that turns heads and dares curious onlookers to sneak a feel – maybe just the cute ones. Great skin is always attractive and can easily be maintained no matter what your age or size. Unfortunately we all have dealt with some annoying skin issues at […]

Shapewear? Why you should care

Ok, it’s no secret by now that I love helping people look good from the back. But a big part of looking your best happens before putting any clothes on. I’m talking about shapewear. I personally would never consider getting butt implants or injections, nor would I wear padding to enhance what I already have. […]

Looking good from the back – styles that flatter the back

How many times have we gotten dressed and checked our profile and sides but not really our backs. Ladies, dressing to impress from the back is something you should be doing because men like what they see when you approach them and keep looking long after you pass them by. Leave him with an impression […]