Following; what both sides expect after a follow on social media

Have you ever been disappointed or annoyed with someone you follow on social media? Or have you ever been the victim of a wall stalker who always seems to know the latest news in your life? If you’ve been on social media long enough, chances are you have experienced some form of awkwardness on both […]

Good black men are invisible to shallow minds

Black women have been complaining for years about their inability to find good black men. There is are plenty of black men to choose from, but where are the ones who are faithful, stay and raise their children, (especially their sons), work legitimate job(s) to support their household. Some believe black males are often raised […]

Lost causes make the best success stories

Today is Good Friday, and although I am not a deeply religious person, I’d like to think I am spiritual. This week, I found myself thinking about lost causes and what it takes for someone to turn them around. After all, who doesn’t like a good come back story? Unfortunately, changing the world is easier […]

Do people really change or do they make better choices?

There are so many sayings associated with people’s ability to change. A leopard doesn’t change it’s spots, or you can’t change someone they have to want to change, and of course change doesn’t come easy. Most people would agree, change is difficult. So maybe learning to make better choices is more feasible than outright change. […]

Marriage is beautiful but not for me

While most women around my age wouldn’t mind watching an episode of TLC’s┬áSay Yes to the Dress, I’d rather do 2 sets of 25 burpees than subject myself to 60 minutes of dress hunting. Why is that you might ask? Surprisingly I am not a bitter person who sulks about not being married. Quite the […]

Fate is patiently waiting for you to get it right

I remember when I was a girl, a family member tried to explain the difference between faith and fate. I grew up going to church, and I loved the song by George Micheal so I was very familiar with faith. Fate on the other hand was not something I was able to grasp back then. […]

Clothes; do they make or break the woman?

I’ve always been drawn to those who are quiet. They keep to themselves, go undetected, and don’t really look like much on the surface. But the quiet ones are usually those who lead the most interesting lives once you get to know them. They just don’t feel like broadcasting it. Sometimes I feel that way, […]

Smiling is best when it’s genuine – the process of feeling good

I saw the movie Moana the other day with my daughter. She was smiling throughout enjoying every minute of it. I thought to myself, is there anything more genuine than a child’s laugh or smile? It also got me thinking about why people smile, and how many smile because they are happy as opposed to […]

Caught Between Pretty and a Fat Place – the plight of curvy women

I started writing a blog in January of this year and I wanted to reach out to women – especially curvy women – to celebrate them and show everyone how beautiful and desirable they are. I wrote posts, made a Facebook page and made some videos about my views on relationships. During one of my […]

Look Sexy Stay Comfy – a guide to being sexy while feeling comfortable

Anyone who knows me well can testify that I love being comfortable. I would rather wear flats over heels, or an over sized T-shirt instead of a fitted dress any day. But what I love more than anything else is looking good while being comfortable doing everyday things. How can you lose? Here are a […]